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I am looking for bisexual women between 18 and 24 to live & travel with me
Busco mujeres bisexuales de 18 y 24 anos para vivir y viajar conmigo
je recherche femmes bisexuelle entre 18 et 25 ans pour vivre et voyager avec moi
cerco donne bisessale tra i 18 ei 25 anni per vivere e viaggiare con me
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Female (@JennJenn)
Lives in: Santo Domingo · Dominican Republic
Originally from: Dominican Republic
❀ Distance: 7900 km

Age: 21 years old (Libra)
Height: 158cm / 5 ft 2 ins
Interested in: Men

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About Me:
I would lie to you if I told you that I am someone normal! I am too Free! You will always see me dancing twerk, I am one of those crazy people who sit you in a chair so you can see how I move my buttocks😂 I tend to be a person disorder at parties, always the most fun! like you will see me in the street a whole lady and you will not believe that I am a crazy woman dancing😂 I love reading and I am still mature, I only lose my sanity when I want to live my life. Lover of hamburgers, and don't be so formal with me, I'm very simple
What i search:
I am looking for a cheerful person, free spirit. Enjoy like me The beach, The Sun, Riding a Bike, Dancing, Parties and drinking until you lose your sanity alone. It's just enjoy life! Dawn watching terro movies and the next day waking up late ... Enjoy the good food and taste of our lips. Give love, Receive love❤️ Not common, something simple but beautiful. Without drawing people's attention, just something normal but different from the hypocrisy of the world. SOMETHING REAL
Job, Studies, Education:
I love working, I work in a call center (Global Marketing), Hotel Management Study and International Relations. I KNOW! TWO RACES! I will go crazy one of these days but what are you going to do? I love studying! I only speak Spanish, and I defend myself in English, but neither is it an expert eeh
What you don't want:
I don't want boring people in my life, I don't want selfish, I don't want to show off, I don't want people who believe the big deal! If you are one of those who deprive too much, DO NOT WRITE ME. And yes, I am very direct and honest so don't do it because I will send you to hell. egocentric people GOODBYE. Only humble people willing to sit with me in a small park and talk about the things in life
Well, just internal tourism, and get to know each other. Buggies, party, movie night, beach, river. If the opportunity presents itself, travel together.


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