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I am looking for bisexual women between 18 and 24 to live & travel with me
Busco mujeres bisexuales de 18 y 24 anos para vivir y viajar conmigo
je recherche femmes bisexuelle entre 18 et 25 ans pour vivre et voyager avec moi
cerco donne bisessale tra i 18 ei 25 anni per vivere e viaggiare con me
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Female (@VioletMarie)
Lives in: London · Canada
Originally from: Canada
❀ Distance: 9297 km

Age: 19 years old (Aries)
Height: 162cm / 5 ft 3 ins
Interested in: Men & Women (Bisexual)

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About Me:
I spend most of my time expressing myself through art or with my grandmother. I am always with friends, wether we’re going out clubbing, having brunch or messing around in Walmart, we are always having a good time. If I could pick up any hobby I would definitely like to try quadding or something that goes fast and pottery haha I like a bit of everything
What i search:
Someone who has a great sense of humour, a good taste in food, who appreciates fashion and most importantly can keep up with me.
Job, Studies, Education:
I’m currently working as a waitress at a local diner, my dream job would be a travel vlogger, I would love to explore new cultures and experience things beyond my small town. I would love to be my own boss, an entrepreneur is what I’m striving for, where I could be passionate about what I’m doing. I speak English and a bit of French, would loveeee to learn Spanish!
What you don't want:
I do not want kids anytime soon or to be tied down, I’m here to make good connections and meet new people, other than that I’m up for anything.
I have been lucky enough to travel with my family in school, I’ve been to Las Vegas, Florida and Cuba. I would really love to go somewhere like Thailand and experience new cultures or Bora Bora and stay at a beautiful resort, I’d love to sit by a pool and drink mojito‘s or go for a hike through the mountains!


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