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Female (@gattlynngunn)
Lives in: Kelowna · Canada
Originally from: Canada
❀ Distance: 12064 km

Age: 21 years old (Aries)
Height: 162cm / 5 ft 3 ins
Interested in: Men

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About Me:
I am a Professional model, professional dancer, making ends meet by landscaping and doing moonlight cam shows on facebook.

I enjoy travelling the country, trying new restaurants and finding one of a kind fashion pieces. I enjoy photography and trying different styles. I love dogs and boating. I like to sew and also studied as a welder before i decided to start entertaining.
What i search:
looking for a loyal submissive pay pig that wants me to empty his wallet once everyday!
if your not into the pay pig fet, come over to my social medias and come say hi! I love chatting, long conversations on worldy topics.
I'm looking for a sugar daddy that loves art, because I am an artist.
Job, Studies, Education:
I am a feature Entertainer from Canada, i've travelled across the country for some time now performing in various venues.

What you don't want:
Im open to discussing those avenues when they are crossed....

visit me on social media
twitter: gattlyn_gunn
instagram feet pix: gattlynngunn

- i would like to maintain my lifestyle
-I would love to travel
-buy my first home
-get a better car
- I would like to have some money to hire my photographers to take my pics
- but most of all i want to have so fun with someone, please dont be boring lets laugh!


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